The Team

There are several people with different skill sets working on different areas of the People’s Countryside to bring it to life.

Other people will be joining the team as the show progresses. Click the images to view team member’s resumes.

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Stuart “The Wildman” Mabbutt

Main Presenter and Producer

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William Mankelow

Photographer and Guest Presenter

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Ross Arrowsmith

Director and Video Production

Other team members details to be updated soon.

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Alice Boyd

Music Composition

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Lewis Sumner

Video Production

Our Background

Our everyday work connects ordinary people like you with the great outdoors, showing you the benefits of nature, what you can take and how you can give back to it.

The People’s Countryside is yet another platform in which we can promote the work that organisations, conservation groups and individuals are doing to help the environment. As well as connect you the viewer, with nature and show how you can make a small difference in your own way.

Stuart facilitating a sensory workshop